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Why use Cancel-Aid?

Create legal cancelation letters

Canceling a service by phone can be a painstaking process. Companies will try every trick in the book to keep you around. Cancel-Aid offers free legal cancelation letters to help you cancel your provider today.

USPS Certified Mail postal services

Sending a cancellation letter using USPS Certified Mail is the best legal way to notify your service provider of your cancellation. With Cancel-Aid you can post certified letters online. So no more stickers, forms or lines at the Post Office. You pay as you mail, no account needed.

Revoke automatic debit authority

When it takes a long time before you receive confirmation of your cancelation from your provider you can block the automatic debit payments at your bank using our free automatic debit cancelation letter.

Request your bank a refund

Did you receive a confirmation of your cancellation from your service provider, but money is still debited from your account? Request your bank a refund for incorrect debits using our Direct Debit Refund Letter.

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